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recognition technology is still a work in progress. while investigators in the boston marathon bombing had multiple images of both suspects, the technology did not come up with a match. they were not identified by their faces but by their fingerprints. authorities won't say what went wrong. one possibility is that government databanks through which the photos would've been searched are not big enough. as we discovered, the f.b.i. is working on expanding its database, businesses are tapping facial recognition to sell us stuff, and computer scientists are upgrading the technology. so, here it comes! oh, my. this may look like a high school science project, but this is carnegie mellon's cylab, a world-class research center. look at that! marios savvides and his students outfitted this ordinary toy drone with their new advanced facial recognition software that locks in on a face from a distance and then identifies it. >> drone: hello, lesley. nice to see you again. >> stahl: it got it. the students are taking surveillance technology to the next level. they can now turn a blurry face into a cle
news found travis tinkering with technology, tea pots, chess pieces and gun. >> this is the firearm. >> reporter: travis is just having fun with the cutting edge toy, but some fear this technology could put guns in the wrong hands. >> do you understand the concerns that law enforcement might have, tsa and other agencies about the potential for these types of weapons. >> the is possible it can be misused. all technology can be, but the potential advantages outweigh the risks. >> reporter: a search is finding dozens of websites for plans with making your gun part. >> welcome to the age of the printed magazine. >> the homemade gun in the future has the attention of lawmakers on capitol hill. >> plastic magazines and receivers that are firing off hundreds of rounds. >> steve israel is leading the ban. >> we should motthick it easy for bad guys, criminals and terrorists to manufacturer plastic gun components that can be brought onto a plane. >> the website worries authorities with hundreds of on- line blueprints for homemade weapons. the first working gun is made of plastic. wilson is
is this gun technology we're talking about that was on the computer? how significant is it and how significant is it that it was on his computer in the hard drive? >> that was part of what he was working on and the deal with huawei which now the level of scrutiny it's under, the chinese telephone company has withdrawn from wanting to work with the u.s. market because they know they're under that kind of spotlight, it has applications with semiconductors. it also has military applications, which could be valuable to a number of governments. >> they have this hard drive and there was information on this hard drive, and it looks like it was accessed after his death? >> this is the key factor. one of the great suspicious elements here was when the family got there, police had his laptop but they found a portable hard drive there, and they said this basically is a mirror of what was on his laptop and there is all this gan technology stuff he was working on and they said, we probably weren't meant to find this but then they said it's been accessed and information ha
in court's. >> with the technology does is allows you to see it. and then it becomes a great piece of evidence. >> cases can be tough to prosecute, but photos like these make it easier for prosecutors to charge, convict, and put away abusers. with or without the victims cooperation. >> it's not about whether she said something where he said something. it's just evidence. evidence could be the difference between whether kids have a mother, between whether a mother has her daughter, between whether you live or die. >> jessica cartel you, wjz eyewitness news. >> the use is getting international attention. >> thanks to the research, hospitals around the world are expanding their use. >> so much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning, including -- >> one lucky winner, and it's not us. the latest on that single winning ticket for the record-breaking powerball jackpot. >> trains collide. latest on the commuter train crash in connecticut. plus -- >> two brothers allegedly part of a cigarette smuggling scheme,,,,,, ,,,, at university of phoenix we know the value of your education is
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4